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Frozen mice are an excellent source of food for many animals kept in households and zoos. As frozen food, they provide an ideal way to ensure a completely natural diet for your pets, optimally composed, while simultaneously offering the most convenient method of feeding through long-lasting preservation without loss of quality. In our range, you will find the perfect size of mouse food for your pet. Most animals that feed on small rodents in the wild are fully adapted to digesting mice, including their fur, which is actually beneficial as it helps clean the intestines of carnivores. Frozen mice are suitable as food for snakes, birds of prey, fish, and other carnivores, and can be used both as a supplement and as main feed. Most animals readily accept frozen mice, and their natural instincts are triggered when they come into contact with the mice. Our mice come from a veterinary-supervised operation, and the processing and packaging are carried out under conditions that ensure optimal preservation of nutrients and vitamins. However, it is essential that all frozen mice are completely thawed at room temperature before serving. Ideally, thawing should be done by immersing them in lukewarm water, and never should they be thawed in the microwave. It is also important that the mice are completely thawed before feeding. In summary, frozen mice offer an excellent source of food for many pets and zoo animals, providing a natural diet that is easy to preserve. However, remember to completely thaw them before feeding!

Frozen Mice

Mice Pinkies for Reptile Food

Mice Pinkies 1-3g

Pack of 100 pieces.

price 1stk/0,19 €

Large Mice Pinkies for Reptile Food

Large Mice Pinkies 3-6g

Pack of 50 pieces.

price 1stk/0,26 €

Fuzzies mice for Reptile Food

Fuzzies Mice 6-9g

Pack of 50 pieces.

price 1stk/0,34 €

Mice hopper 10-15g for Reptile Food

Mice Hoppers 10-15g

Pack of 25 pieces.

price 1stk/0,49 €

Mice Large Adult for Reptile Food

Mice Large Adult 18-27g

Pack of 25 pieces.

price 1stk/0,59 €

Mice Jumbo +35g

Mice Jumbo +30g

Pack of 10 pieces.

price 1stk/0,79 €