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For many pets kept in captivity, frozen rats are the ideal food. They are the best alternative to provide your pets with completely natural food with the best possible composition and to feed them in a convenient way. Additionally, it is a great way to preserve the food for a long time without any loss of quality. From our range, you can choose the ideal size of rat food for your pet. Most animals that feed on small rodents (such as mice, voles, and rabbits) in the wild are fully adapted to digesting whole rats, including their fur. The fur of the rats helps carnivores in cleaning their intestines, which is very beneficial. Frozen rats are used as food for reptiles, birds, fish, and carnivores. You can give rats as a dietary supplement or as the main feed. Most animals accept frozen rats without any problems, and their natural instinct is activated when they come into contact with a rat. Our feeder rats come from a veterinary-supervised operation, and the processing and packaging ensure conditions for maximum preservation of nutrients and vitamins. All frozen foods should be thawed at room temperature or by immersing them in lukewarm water before serving! The food should be presented fully thawed! Never thaw the food in the microwave!

Frozen rats

Frozen rat pups 5-10g

Rats pups Frozen 5-10g

Pack of 50 pieces.

price 1 pieces/ 0,40 €

Rat Fuzzy 15-30g

Rat Fuzzy 10-30g

Rats Fuzzy 10-30g

Pack of 10 pieces.

price 1 pieces/ 0,80 €

Small Weaner Rats Frozen 30-50g

Small Weaner Rats Frozen 30-50g

Pack of 10 or 5 pieces

price 1 pieces/ 1,10 €

Medium Rat Frozen (A) 50-90g

Medium Rats Frozen (A) 50-90g

Pack of 10 or 5 pieces

price 1 pieces/ 1,40 €

Medium Rat Frozen (B) 90-150g

Medium Rat Frozen (B) 90-150g

Pack of 10 and 5 pieces

price 1 pieces/ 1,60 €

Large Rats XL 150 - 250g

Large Rats XL 150 - 250g

Pack of 5 pieces.

price 1 pieces/ 2,20 €

Large Rats XXL

Large Rats XXL 250 - 350g

Pack of 5 pieces.

price 1 pieces/ 2,60 €

Rats Jumbo 350g+

Rats Jumbo +350g

Packung mit 5 Stück

price 1stk/ 2,90 €